Level 1: Earth

During this introduction part of your training, you’ll learn the principle of ‘Holding Your Ground with Confidence’ and ‘Commanding Your Space’ characterized by up and down directional movement, using gravity as your ally. 

Level 2: Water

Utilizing proper timing and footwork to maintain distance without losing connection, you’ll learn the principles of scientifically gathering physical energy/information while positioning yourself in space to respond with natural speed and power thru effortless mobility.

Level 2: Fire

“To take preemptive action, intercepting conflict before it becomes out of control”. This is a primary principle of the Fire Element-taking space. With confident mobility and proper timing, you collect experiences to connect with, shut down and resolve potentially dangerous encounters. 

Level 3: Wind

Be everywhere and nowhere at the same time! With ghost-like movement, you’ll learn the ideas of giving up space to win. Gain knowledge of incredible power thru full-body, circular movement. Take action and always be one step ahead!

Level 3: Void

The potential of limitless possibilities. The space of spontaneous creativity. This level is an intermediate path of study while approaching 1st degree Black Belt…Each element is revisited with a deeper focus and expanded understanding. The application of the principles associated with the 4 elements come in to play throughout all movement as you gain the experience of ‘Moving with feeling’.

Level 4: Black Belt

Upon completion of these five areas of study, you’ll be invited to demonstrate your understanding within the private audience of Scott Akitoshi Bragg, his mentor, Mark Sentoshi Russo and a panel of other senior practitioners. This experience will mark your transition into the Black Belt ranks, leading to advanced, modernized To-Shin Do strategies from historical lineages of Ninjutsu.