Welcome to the Orlando To-Shin Do Club! We take a practical approach to self-defense in a safe, fun, non-competitive environment. If you’ve been searching for a system of self-protection that promotes both inner and outer growth, while installing a confident approach to living a balanced, self-fulfilling life, we are certainly at your service.

What is To-Shin Do?

Developed by Martial Arts Black Belt Hall of Fame Member, An-Shu Stephen K. Hayes. To-Shin-Do training covers a wide variety of methods.

About Scott Akitoshi Bragg

A 6th Degree Master Practitioner and one of the senior-most students under the highest ranked Senior Master, Mark Sentoshi Russo.

Class Information

Classes are formatted to allow training partners sufficient time for in-depth study without creating distracting mental overload.

To-Shin Do Introductory Package

1 Private Lesson, 8 Group Classes with Training Uniform

Get started on your journey! To-Shin Do is much more than a system of self-defense. Enjoy a positive, supportive environment with like-minded people who are eager to see you to succeed...Not just in the training hall, but in life! It all starts with a click of a button!

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