To-Shin Do comes to Orlando! I cannot think of a more fitting representative than Scott Akitoshi Bragg to head this up. Scott has been training with me for decades, and hallmarks the To-Shin Do two-fold message of practical real-world self-defense coupled with training to advance toward personal perfection. Train with him. He’ll show you the way!
— An-Shu Stephen K. Hayes, Black Belt Hall of Fame Member, Founder of To-Shin Do

Mr. Bragg is a 6th Degree, Master Practitioner, and is one of the senior-most students under the guidance of the highest ranked To-Shin Do Senior Master in the world, 8th Degree Black Belt, Mark Sentoshi Russo.

He has been training since the age of 16, commuting back and forth from Orlando, FL to Tampa, FL and traveling the country seeking out the secrets of To-Shin Do Martial training for over 25 years.

At this point in my own training, I’ve realized that Martial Arts, in its essence, should be a platform for self-discovery. Not to compete and conquer the world, but to be an actively engaged part of it. How one approaches this endeavor will directly reflect how one views their own life. It can open you up, show you your strengths and guide you through areas of growth. Doesn’t that seem like a journey worth taking?
— Scott Akitoshi Bragg

Mr. Bragg's approach to sharing his Martial Arts experiences comes from his career as a professional entertainerInclude everyone, have fun, be honest with yourself and energize the experience! 

This is a living, breathing Martial Art. You get out of it what you put in to it, ‘IT’ being your own personal approach. Everyone has there own unique reasons why they want to start training. Thinking back, the reasons I began training are completely different as to why I continue now. Even to this day, with more than 25 years of experience, I am still receiving new lessons from my mentor, Mark Sentoshi Russo. I’m so grateful to know my plate will never be full
— Scott Akitoshi Bragg

Master Scott Bragg has trained with me for more than two decades. He has, perhaps more than any other student, applied the essence of this training to the whole of his life. His skills as a martial artist are impeccable.
— Mark Sentoshi Russo, 8th degree Black Belt, Senior most student under An-Shu Stephen K. Hayes